marXact UNI-Cloud UNI-GR1 GNSS RTK Receiver GPS Glonass Beidou Galileo L1 L2 L5


Work in the cloud and

Monitor your UNI from the office; while your UNI is working for you in the field, you can remotely access it and monitor statuses, adjust settings or download logs. Why waste time on travelling when you don't need to?

Upload your work to your colleagues or clients in the office; because time can be of essence, you might want to share your work immediately. The UNI lets you upload your work straight to the cloud where others can access it and get going with your work, or maybe they give you the input you need to get some more done while you are still there; saves you the trip tomorrow!

Automatically back up your work; so you don't have to do it again. As long as you are online, the UNI backs up your work on the cloud servers according to your settings, making sure nothing gets lost and you don't have to worry about losing work...

Or your settings; because not only does the UNI store your work when you are online, it also keeps track of your latest settings so you won't have to enter them again, not even on another UNI. Simply log in, select your latest back up and get going without a hassle!

Make sure your UNI is always up to date; with cloud access, the UNI automatically checks for updates when online. No need to keep an eye out on the website, the UNI does the work for you; because you should not waste time on that!

And you can step it up a gear and manage the whole enterprise. How? Read on...


Manage the company efficiently with

User management; on different levels to manage who has access to which settings and features. The cloud lets you set different roles for access to manage who is creating, editing or just viewing and using settings like company profiles, project profiles or RTK providers. This ensures you that throughout the company, work is done efficiently using the same protocols and settings. Why waste time on entering settings for all rovers, when you can just do it once with;

Company and project profiles; which can contain a wide variety of settings, such as RTK provider parameters, logging settings and much more; all to ensure everyone in the company or project is following the guidelines and protocols set for the specific application, while making it easy for the users!

Remote access; to monitor work being done but moreover, to help your UNI users. Got a user in the field with access for one project, but work needs to be done on another project? Or got a new urgent project, close to the user? Remotely grant access to the user who just downloads the profile and gets the job done, without the need to come back to the office.

Direct results; since the UNI cloud is giving you the capability to deliver on your projects while your UNI users are still in the field, or better yet; still working. We can guarantee you there is no way to get results faster... Unless, you know magic?

Magic, like using our API, making your UNI completely integrate in your environment! How? Read on...

API Cloud marXact UNI-Cloud UNI-GR1 GNSS RTK Receiver GPS Glonass Beidou Galileo L1 L2 L5


Integrate UNI in your environment and

Manage the UNI from your own software; by using our API you can literally talk to your UNI through the UNI cloud. It needs some programming skills but once done, it's like magic; you can control your UNI from your own software. Enabling you to work faster than ever before, for example to;

Get rid of double work; since you already have all the data in your software, there is no need to export data from the UNI to import it in to your own software. Why double the work when you can just do it once? Or why wait for the UNI user to get back from the field when you can;

Automate complete projects; since the data is already at the office as it is uploaded from the UNI, into your software, working from previously set parameters in profiles; you can automatically deliver on your projects once stake-outs are done. It's just an example, we are sure you can get way more;

Creative; by setting up the API in your software the way you need it to work, depending on your scope of work. Cause that's the beauty of it; you choose how you work, the UNI adapts!

Well, what's more to say? Get your UNI with cloud access now or feel free to get in touch in case you have any questions!

API Cloud marXact UNI-Cloud UNI-GR1 GNSS RTK Receiver GPS Glonass Beidou Galileo L1 L2 L5