UNI-Enterprise Services

We want it! How do we roll it out?

Is a question we get quite often from many of our clients. Usually with some free advice, 90% of our clients has the time and knowledge to implement our products on it’s own and start working right away. However, in certain cases some of our clients want additional help in rolling out the UNI company wide. Of course we are able to deliver tailor made consultancy to get you going. Check out some examples or contact us through the contact form below!

Initial set-up

Unpacking your UNI(‘s), connecting them to the UNI-Cloud, create users, create user profiles, link tags, set user specifics such as RTK settings, link UNI’s to users and so on; it’s easier than ever before but we get that you might not have the time; we can do it for you!


Some companies have amazing software, in which the UNI can be easily integrated through the UNI-Cloud. But they might just be missing the developers to set-up the actual integration. When you integrate it yourself, of course we assist in this process but even if you want to let us do it; we can! Contact us for more information!


All set-up, processed thought out but now your team get’s a GNSS receiver in their hands for the first time? And you want to make sure they got a little help? No worries, we can set-up a day to get your team through the basics to measure all the work which needs to be done!

Companies of all sizes

Whether you are on your own or have a team of hundreds of people working with the UNI, we have a solution that can help you! Just leave your details below and we will get in touch!

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UNI-Cloud Demo

In the meantime, we would like to welcome you to check out the online demo of the UNI-Cloud, giving you a small idea of possibilities within the UNI-Cloud!

With the UNI-Cloud you are able to do many things such as, but not limited to;

Click here for the UNI-Cloud Demo!