Speer IT Cocon & UNI-Cloud

SpeerIT Cocon marXact UNI-GR1 GNSS RTK Receiver GPS Glonass Beidou Galileo L1 L2 L5
Following our goal to make high accuracy positioning work with any system out there, we are proud of the collaboration with Speer IT and their product Cocon. Speer IT offers high-quality glass fiber registration systems. Their products are easy-to-use, flexible and are implemented according to your specific wishes. Cocon, their most important product, is already the standard in the Netherlands and is internationally becoming more popular, apart from that... 

Pre-orders ready for production!

Thanks for all the orders, we are going to put the pre-orders in to production for this round and if pre-ordered before 15 august 2018, you will receive your UNI-GR1 in Q4 2018. If you have pre-ordered your UNI, we will keep you updated by email and in your account on your order status. In case you have not ordered your UNI yet, from now on we are accepting... 

UNI Mock-Up in the Field!

Kadaster RD punt NETPOS marXact UNI-GR1 GNSS RTK Receiver GPS Glonass Beidou Galileo L1 L2 L5
Earlier this month we took the first UNI mock-up in to the field for some CM Accurate positioning tests and we are happy to share the results. It was the first time we tested the UNI in his (mock up of the) final housing. We tested the UNI-GR1 against the RD-Points control points operated by the Dutch government (for more information please visit To note; the UNI used,... 

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Come say hi at Intergeo!

Intergeo 2018 marXact
marXact will be hosting a stand at Intergeo in Frankfurt, Germany, taking place from 16 to 18 october 2018. At the Intergeo we will demonstrate the UNI-GR1 and the many possibilities! We would love it if you come say hi at our stand, have a look at the UNI, share ideas and chat about the possibilities the UNI can bring you. Please send us a note through our contact...