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Never export survey and mapping data again!

How many times this week have you had to send a geo data file to a colleague? Or export a drawing from one system, to the other? How many times did you transfer data sets with points to a colleague doing the job using an SD-Card or USB flash drive? How many data conversions took place this week?

And mostly, how many times have you had the thought; “just give me “that GPS pole”, get it’s location on my GIS or BIM screen and I’ll amend the points myself!?”.

We are hearing it a bit more than we would like; data going from one system to the other for just a simple measurement. Sometimes slightly modern by email but too many times the data is transferred by USB flash drive from one instrument to the other. and since we are living in 2019, it does not have to be like that!

Simply because we are able to get “that GPS pole”, the UNI-GR1, real-time on your screen, in the software of your choice!

And, for us it does not matter whether that screen is an iPad, Android Tablet, Windows PC, Smartphone or Desktop; we can connect it to the UNI! And without getting in to too much detail as to how we do it (UNI-Cloud API), it’s mainly good to know what it can mean for you, in a few very simple statements;

Infra API Cloud marXact UNI-Cloud UNI-GR1 GNSS RTK Receiver GPS Glonass Beidou Galileo L1 L2 L5 GIS BIM CLOUD Telecom Measurements Measure Accuracte CM Accuracy affordable receiver cheap RTK enterprise solution ease of use easy

No more data transfers from one software package to the other.

Let the foreman measure it’s own work fast and easy.

No more delays on the job waiting for new measurements or data.

Work directly in the final database and deliver on your work on the spot.

Ease of use, speed and efficiency.

We are in the running of making this way of working, the new way of measuring, used as widely as possible and we like to do it together with you. Therefor do let us know what kind of software you use, swing by the 30th of August at our next demo drinks in Hilversum (Holland), Intergeo in Stuttgart or just give us a call; we would love to know how we can make it easier for you!

See you the 30th of august and enjoy your summer!

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