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MyCumulus & marXact

Mycumulus is a cloud-based service that has been released by ADW software. MyCumulus is a combination of an app, a website, and utilities. Users can create their projects, create forms, collect or update data on android devices. They can view this data on the MyCumulus website. The application allows users to measure positions and those measurements are processed directly in the Cloud. MyCumulus has an Open API. Developers can write tools that communicate with the MyCumulus server.

MyCumulus offers unlimited storage of projects and forms in the cloud. With REST API it offers import and export of data in Pythagoras and Excel. The app can be used both online and offline, but with offline use, the data is not recorded in the cloud but stored on the device in use. Also, it is possible to connect GNSS-receivers to the application.

So you can connect our GNSS Receiver, the UNI-GR1, to this program. Connecting the application and the device is very fast and very simple.

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The connection of the UNI-GR1 and Mycumulus is set up by the manager. For the user, selecting the device is very simple. Watch the short tutorial video below

After connecting the UNI-GR1 to Mycumulus you can immediately start working!

The package is available for 4995, simply add the UNI-GR1UNI-Cloud Complete & Accessories to your cart and download Mycumulus from the Google playstore.  The UNI-GR1 is of course also available seperartely for 2995!