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Let us know which software you use!

With the UNI-GR1 everyone can measure it’s own points with centimetre accuracy! Whether you are measuring a glass fibre cable, gas pipe, water line, manhole, intersection, tree or lamp post; with the UNI everyone can easily do it. And, directly in the software of your choice! 

In the last months we have made many connections with software packages such as IntellinQ’s GeolinQ, Speer IT’s Cocon, Infrakit, ArcGIS, MyCumulus, Pythagoras and much more. Apart from that a lot of work is being done on new connections such as Riox, Greenpoint, Geostruct, Apglos and are many other companies eager to integrate the UNI making it possible for their users to measure directly in to their software!

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With the ease of the UNI-Cloud API, implementing the UNI is a piece of cake for most developers, usually done within a couple of days! Integrating the UNI is completely free for software parties and the whole integration can be done without every laying a hand on a UNI! 


So, let us know what software you use by filling out the form or calling +31 (070) 700 7917, tell us more about what software you want to use with the UNI and what you expect of it. Then we will offer our UNI-Cloud API free of charge to your software provider, we will contact that party and put all our efforts at use making sure you can measure in the software you want! 

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