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Infra goes UNI!

Infra Tech has been a great success for us, being a new start-up in the field of GNSS receivers and introducing the new and cost-efficient UNI-GR1! We received a huge amount of very positive reactions and we would like to thank you for your visit and your enthusiasm, it is the best motivator for us!

As may be expected with a new and disrupting product, especially in the Infra sector, we received a lot of questions apart from all the positive reactions. Happy answering all your questions, we have to admit that we might not have been able to answer to everyone on the busy moments. We are sorry for that and hereby like to share some of the most asked questions as well as the responses, hoping to answer your question. In case your questions is not there, please feel free to reach out!

So, with the UNI, we can let anyone in the field survey?!

Basically; yes you can! The UNI is designed to be as easy as possible, meaning you can let anyone do the survey work in the field! However, while surveying there are things to keep in mind such as the project deliverables in terms of accuracy, data formats and so on. Because of that, we have made the UNI as universal and easy as possible, offering you many connection methods, UNI-Cloud, touch and go settings as well as a UNI-Cloud API. With all these tools and possibilities, you have the complete authority over your process and you can make it as simple or as complex as you want, complying with your workflow and project deliverables. Because you choose how you work, the UNI adapts!

Are you saying that the product is Made in Holland?

Yes it is! We are proud to say we are an 100% Dutch start-up, with an idea and concept born in Hilversum, North-Holland. Apart from being based in The Netherlands, the UNI-GR1 is an European product being produced in The Netherlands. Meaning that not only marXact is 100% Dutch, also all it’s devices and products are 100% Made in Holland.

And this price, €2995,-, includes everything?!

Yes, it does, it includes everything we advertise with! For example, the UNI-GR1 comes with all constellations, a rugged case, all channels, (charging) cables, all connection methods and so on, there are no extra paid options to tweak the hardware, it is what it is and it is very complete! However, keep in mind that with everything, we mean everything in regards to the GNSS Receiver. The UNI-GR1 does not come with surveying software, field books or a survey pole. In fact, you are completely free to choose in that field making sure you only pay what you need!

So, do I need something else?

Depending on what you want to do, you might want to add a field book, a surveying pole and software to your set up. Or, integrate the UNI in to your own software.

Here are some examples of software we know works with the UNI, depending on this software you can pick your own additional hardware. We are completely independent, so keep in mind it’s just an example. In case you have other software you want to use, please do let us know and we can test it for you!

Infrakit– Speer IT Cocon – mapit GIS – TADARIS Arpengo – Carlson SurvPC – MicroSurvey

How can I integrate the UNI position in to our own software?

In order to integrate the UNI-GR1 in to your own software, you have a range of options varying from serial connections to NMEA-0183 over Bluetooth. However, we would recommend to integrate the UNI through the UNI-Cloud API, so the end-client only needs to provide his cloud login details and he is ready to go. The UNI-Cloud API is always under development, improving the possibilities as well as it’s documentation is constantly being updated.

In the next weeks, one of our UNI’s placed on the roof of our offices will be shared in an open demo cloud account, meaning that you can integrate the UNI in to your own software without even having had one in your hands. More details will follow, for now you can find a sneak peek of the documentation here and in case you can’t wait; get in touch for the API Access.

How can we start using the UNI?

Simple! Order your UNI through the website and you will receive yours before the end of the quarter; UNI-GR1

Can I just get somebody to contact me for more info? 

Yes you can, just drop us a note here and one of our cheering team members will get back to you!

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