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Free Updates!

As you may expect of an electronic device in 2019, the UNI-GR1 comes with free updates which you can receive over the air. This gives us the opportunity to give you new functionalities without you having to leave the house or worse, buy a new device! Because when connected to our UNI-Cloud, even with a free account, you will always keep receiving updates to your UNI-GR1 as long as we keep making them! At zero cost!

That sounds nice! But what more can you bring to a device with so many specs included already? Well, that’s up to you! Because at marXact we listen very well to our clients, we try to roll-out functionalities based on demand of our clients, making sure the best ideas come to life and keep you going as efficient as possible!

Also, it gives us the chance of focusing on what’s needed at first and to bring some cool functionalities later. For example; we already have an internal measurement unit, the 9 degrees of freedom, now used to augment the levelling ring; how cool would it be if you don’t have to hold your UNI-GR1 levelled anymore after a simple update, making it possible to measure at an angle?

This and many other ideas are on our road-map for the next year, among other features which include downloading logs in certain formats through the cloud, adding specific serial cable protocols for marine and many more!

Want to know what comes up next? Or have a cool idea? Feel free to contact us here or by email!

We love to hear what you are missing, cause you choose how you work and the UNI adapts!

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