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Everyone can survey!

Newsletter May 2019

marXact UNI-GR1 RTK GNSS Receiver

Everyone can survey!

With the complete UNI solution you will measure your first point tomorrow!

Did you know you can survey yourself? And did you know that surveying really does not have to be expensive or complicated?

If you didn’t know, we would like to set some things straight! Quite often we hear it’s not clear how to survey, that it is pretty expensive or that it’s perceived as complicated while that is really not necessary!

With the UNI we offer a complete solution to measure your first point easy and cost effective. So easy that we have made a video for you where we explain in 1 minute how to measure your first point.

Last weeks we have focused at marXact on making digital measurements even more easy. Not only did we do that with this video but mostly we made sure that at marXact you’ll find a one-stop-shop to get the basics you need to measure your first point.

For that we have launched an European RTK correction service, with which we can supply your UNI with correction data all over Europe at a price of € 780,- per year. The network comes with a free data SIM card and we are expanding the UNI-Connect software with a surveying and stake-out tool.

Besides that we have made measuring more easy by connecting the  UNI-Cloud API to GeolinQ and other software so clients like Heijmans and BAM Infra Telecom can measure directly in their own databases!

We would like to encourage you to read the full news letter and the new updated website. Might you have any other questions after that, please do contact us or swing by at our next demo drinks friday the 21st of June in Holland!

See you the 21st!

Team marXact

marXact – marX your Xact position

Survey your first point within a minute!

With the UNI-GR1 everyone can digitally measure it’s own work, with centimetre accuracy! Whether that is a fibre optics cable, gas pipeline, water pipe, intersection, tree, well cover or a lamppost; with the UNI everyone can easily do it! So easy that we can explain you how to do it in a one minute video!

In the video which you can find on the homepage of marXact, we correctly set up the UNI to get the basics to measure points. By using the simple wizard and easy to sync profiles you will have your UNI set up in no time as an RTK rover to measure points with centimetre accuracy.

Check the video on our website and start measuring tomorrow. Assuming you are convinced about the ease of use of the UNI you may have it on your doorstep tomorrow if you order before 15.00!

Click here for the video!

marXact UNI-GR1 RTK GNSS Receiver

Drinks and test the UNI! 

Seen the video and still have some questions? Or want some guidance with measuring your first points?

Swing by the 21st of June and fire all your questions upon us while having a drink and testing the UNI!

Friday afternoon the 21st of June, we will drop all our work at 15.00, set up some UNI’s outside and welcome you with a drink or coffee to answer all your questions about the UNI and digital measurements. You can take some time to use and test the UNI yourself, measure some points and we will tell you how we can make your work more efficient with the UNI. In case your are convinced about the ease of use, we will help you set up your UNI and you can bring it home right away!

Of course participation is completely without obligations, we only want to ask you to sign up through the link!

Using this link you can sign up for the demo drinks!

Already own a UNI and just want to join us for the fun of it? Feel free!

marXact UNI-GR1 RTK GNSS Receiver

The one-stop-shop for digital measurements!

To be able to measure with centimetre accuracy, you just need a few things. A receiver for the GNSS signals, an RTK correction service to make the GNSS signals centimetre accurate, software to store this accurate signal as a point, a controller to use the software and a pole to screw the UNI on to. At marXact we can supply you with all these things!


The receiver to receive all your GNSS signals. And then really ALL your signals. Cause with 4 constellations, multiple frequencies and 432 channels the UNI-GR1 uses almost every signal available to make your position as accurate as possible. And, with the price-point of € 2995,- in combination with it’s universality you get all the flexibility you need to work with any software or hardware. Even your own!

UNI-RTK Premium

Every GNSS receiver needs a bit of help to get it’s centimetre accuracy and with the UNI-GR1 you can obtain it in many ways. You can get a second UNI as a base station, you can apply post processing or use any NTRIP, CORS or VRS network. However, to make your life a lot easier we offer you a simple solution: UNI-RTK Premium, the European RTK network with over 2000 base stations to make your UNI centimetre accurate all over Europe. The UNI-RTK Premium network is already available at € 780,- per year including a free data SIM card. And with a free trial month you can try it out first!


Besides the possibility to connect the UNI with almost any software package, you can simply use UNI-Connect. The UNI-Connect software has all basic functionalities you need to start and it will cost you absolutely nothing. UNI-Connect comes with every UNI-GR1 and with free updates you can measure your points digitally, do stake-outs, store logs, set up your UNI and much more! With an active UNI-Cloud-subscription you can even sync everything live to the office!

Controller & Pole

Okey, we must admit that we don’t have these two in stock. Mainly because most of our customers already own a tablet or a pole, or because with the wide array of possibilities they want to choose one on their own. And of course, we don’t want to obligate you to buy something! However, might you need our assistance in obtaining a tablet or surveying pole; reach out and we will help you!

Click here to order the UNI-GR1 and start measuring!

marXact UNI-GR1 RTK GNSS Receiver

Measure straight in to your own database! 

By using the UNI-Cloud API you can measure directly within your own database in combination with the UNI-GR1. How? By connection your database and software to the UNI-GR1 through the UNI-Cloud API. With this piece of magic a wide array of new possibilities opens up which offer companies a lot of efficiency.

In that spirit we recently delivered on an integration with GeolinQ, a product of IntellinQ so BAM Infra Telecom can work in the field with its own data live pulled and amended from their databases. With this integration, various data sources of the BAM are made visible within the GeolinQ GIS app which runs on the iPad of the BAM employee.

This employee can amend the positions of this dataset using the live position of his UNI-GR1. And, even better, GeolinQ validates directly whether the UNI has a fix, what is the accuracy of that fix, how old this fix is and if the UNI is levelled above the point. With this validation everyone is assured the results from the field are reliable!

Do you want to know how our clients work? Click here!

marXact UNI-GR1 RTK GNSS Receiver


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