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Apglos & marXact

Apglos is a simple surveying tool. Everyone can measure with this simple surveying software tool which is an Android app. The application uses Google Maps as a basis, large buttons can be used to quickly make surveys. The app is based on Autocad, which means that people work in layers and each layer represents an entity. Also, data can be linked to the measured entities and small calculations are easy to make with the Apglos app. These calculations can be determining numbers, calculating lengths and calculating areas. Just a few settings are required to work with Apglos HST and the application easily connects to a GNSS receiver.

Our GNSS receiver, the UNI-GR1, also works with Apglos! You can fully integrate the receiver in the Apglos application. Connecting the device and the software is very simple and you have done it in no time!

To show you how it works, we have developed a tutorial video for you. This video shows you the few simple steps that must be taken to successfully integrate the UNI-GR1 into Apglos. Watch the short tutorial video below:

As you see, our GNSS receiver can be integrated quickly and easily with the Apglos software. The receiver is now available as a complete package with UNI-RTK Premium and UNI-Cloud services, so you can start working immediately. This package contains the UNI-GR1, which measures centimeter accurate! The package contains a pole and a tablet, so the receiver and the tablet can be mounted on the pole and you can use the tablet with your preferred software!

The package is available for 4995, simply add the UNI-GR1, UNI-Cloud Complete & Accessories to your cart and download Apglos from the Google Play Store. The UNI-GR1 is of course also available separately for 2995!

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